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简介:剑桥大学出版社各类期刊因学术质量高、学科覆盖广、编辑水平好而誉满全球。许多期刊都是其所在学科必不可少的参考资料。 2012年剑桥大学出版社出版300多种电子版学术期刊,70%被SCI、SSCI、AHCI收录。剑桥期刊文理比例约6:4,涉及自然科学、人文社会科学等各个学科。期刊试用采用校园网IP控制,免付国际流量费。欢迎联系试用和订购,欲了解详情,请点击下载现刊部分2012年期刊列表,以及现刊分学科介绍



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Humanities and Social Sciences and our list continues to expand. Many of these titles are the leading journals in their fields and together they form one of the most valuable and comprehensive collections of research available today.

We continue to expand our publishing program in journals, working with an increasing number of key societies as well as launching a number of new Open Access journals. We've taken on 12 new journals in 2018, including 1 brand new launch title, 2 open access titles, and 9 from new society partners. Our new society partners include: The Royal College of Psychiatrists, The Mineralogical Society, The Society of Legal Scholars and The Latin American Politics and Society.

Cambridge Journals are available in online packages for companies, institutions, and consortia worldwide, for single or multiple sites.

Packages include:

• Full Package

• Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Package

• Science, Technology and Medicine (STM) Package

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