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HKMO (HK & Macao) excellent academic full-text resource library 

Social Sciences, Humanities, Applied Sciences, Natural Sciences, Medicine and Life Sciences

HKMO (HK & Macao) the outstanding academic resources is Hong Kong and Macao by the government funded doctoral famous universities

HKMO (HK & Macao) outstanding academic library full-text resources many subjects are mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography and geology, architecture, electronics and information science, engineering, psychology, medicine (including Chinese Medicine), computer science and technology, philosophy, economics, education, history, law, literature, management sociology, and so on dozens of subjectsIt covers the fields of literature and history, social science, science and engineering, economics, law, medicine and so onAll the documents are reproduced in full text, to keep the original appearance, and some of them are manuscripts of famous scholars and scholars.

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