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Full Description

• As the world’s largest source of funding and technical assistance for developing countries, the World Bank seeks to increase understanding of development issues for its client countries, the development community, and the general public.

• Research is performed by in-house economists and internal experts in other fields, development practitioners working on the ground, and external contributors.

• The Bank conducts and publishes research on a broad range of social and economic development issues including finance, health, education, climate change, trade, energy, aid effectiveness, development policy and poverty, with a focus on emerging economies.

• Our publishing outputs are meant to enrich the development debate, inform policies, and support the development goals of our client countries.

• The World Bank is the largest source of development knowledge. We are a “Knowledge Bank”.

• Focused on adding value to World Bank content through its features such as personalization options, enhanced functionality, chapter level access, full text, reference-linking and subscription features for institutions.

• Developed to meet the unique needs of libraries, researchers, policy makers and the academic community.

• Access to 16,000+ World Bank books, chapters, journals, flagship reports, working papers and other research published since the early 1990’s, plus all new releases without embargo.

• Access to 50+ key country and regional data from World Development Indicators, in time series and for download.

• Content on Social Sciences and International Development with emphasis on low- and middle-income countries.

• Used by the world’s top academic institutions, international and governmental agencies, think tanks and NGOs.

DATA from World Development Indicators

• Key country and regional data

• Time series for 50+ of the most popular indicators

BOOKS: complete backlist of 2,500+ books and 6,000+ chapters

• World Bank Flagship and Annual Publications

• Data Publications

• Regional and Thematic Series

• Training Manuals and Handbook

JOURNALS: complete backlist of 800+ articles without embargo

•    World Bank Economic Review

• World Bank Research Observer

• Development Outreach

WORKING PAPERS: 7,000+ premium research papers

• Policy Research Working Papers

• World Bank Discussion Papers

• World Bank Technical Papers

• World Bank Working Papers


• Semi-annual data publications

• Economic Outlooks

• Annual Reports from MIGA, ICSID, IFC

• Multilingual Content: French and Spanish, plus others


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