Passport 全球市场信息数据库


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简介Euromonitor International- Passport Category Level 数据库,它是一项涵盖了200多个国家快速消费品市场信息的数据库。内容包括1000万条国际可比 较的市场数据(市场容量和市场销售额、品牌和公司占有率、分销渠道销售额、包装和成分数据);18千份市场报告,对市场业绩趋势、竞争环境和关键市场驱动因素进行了有深度的战略分析。

















Full Description

Euromonitor international was founded in UK, 1972, which is a global market research company providing strategic intelligence on industries, companies, economies and consumers. Our research is widely used and trusted in the academic community, supporting students, faculty and library staff at leading colleges, universities, business schools and academic-affiliated research centers worldwide. Our on-the-ground research analysts around the world leverage their knowledge of the local market, fluency in the local language and access to the best research sources.


Our research provides a complete view of the global industry and economic landscape in 210 countries. Students gain experience using the same professional–level research database that successful companies rely on, increasing their employment prospects. Faculty leverage our global intelligence for independent research projects, teaching and when promoting their department and courses to prospective candidates and commercial partners. Library staff use our research to answer a broad range of inbound enquiries. Passport is our premier global market research database, widely accepted as the industry standard for strategic intelligence on consumer goods. It offers shared access to all of our internationally comparable statistics, analysis and datagraphics quickly and efficiently, matching your specific information needs, whether you need a global perspective across multiple industries and economies, or a detailed view of specific categories or countries.



20 Consumer goods (Alcoholic Drinks, Apparel and Footwear, Beauty and Personal Care, Consumer Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Health, Eyewear, Fresh Food, Health and Wellness, Home Care, Home and Garden, Hot Drinks, Luxury Goods, Packaged Food, Personal Accessories, Pet Care, Soft Drinks, Tissue and Hygiene, Tobacco, Toys and Games)

4 Service (Consumer Finance, Consumer Foodservice, Retailing, Travel)

2 Supply-chain (Ingredients, Packaging)

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