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      施普林格出版社于 1842 年在德国柏林创立,是全球第一大科技图书出版公司和第二大科技期刊出版公司,每年出版 5 ,500 余种科技图书和 约1 ,700 余种科技期刊,其中超过1,500种经同行评阅的期刊。



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      Since its inception in 1842, Springer has embodied a commitment to publishing the world’s highest quality scientific, medical and technical research. Along the way, Springer has published the work of more than 190 Nobel laureates, including ten of the eleven 2013 winners for Chemistry, Economics, Medicine and Physics. Springer is and has always been‘content led’with a firmly established reputation among librarians and researchers for providing only the highest quality research. And Springer remains committed tothe values that make great publishing. Our authors, editors, peer-reviewers and publica- tion processes are among the best in the industry. In short, Springer content is trusted content.

    eBooks from Springer are an unparalleled resource for scientific research. Springer’s eBook collection delivers complete access to the largest collection of scientific, technical and medical publications available today, including monographs, textbooks, handbooks, atlases, reference works, book series, archives and more.

The Springer eBook collection comprises nearly 200,000 titles and features research from the world’s foremost scholars. And the collection continues to grow as more than 12,000 newly released STM & HSS books, book series volumes and reference works are added every year.

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