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简介ScienceDirect OnSite 《Elsevier电子期刊全文》,Elsevier是荷兰一家全球著名的学术期刊出版商,每年出版大量的学术图书和期刊,大部分期刊被SCI、SSCI、EI收录,是世界上公认的高品位学术期刊。近几年该公司将其出版的2,500多种期刊和11,000图书全部数字化,即ScienceDirect全文数据库,并通过网络提供服务。该数据库涉及计算机科学、工程技术、能源科学、环境科学、材料科学、数学、物理、化学、天文学、医学、生命科学、商业、经济管理、社会科学等众多学科。


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The Handbooks in Economics Series aims to provide experts and scholars with research tools to help them succeed in a changing economic climate. This series of books deals with various fields of economics such as development economics, econometrics, social economics, and monetary economics. The contributors and editors of the book are among the best researchers in the field today, including many Nobel Prize winners, ensuring the high quality content of this series of books, and its citation rate exceeds all economics journals. The series is an indispensable information resource for researchers and an ideal supplement for extracurricular students in economics. 

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